Dos capas Yema del dedo velos de novia con Lápiz (006003757)

Dos capas Yema del dedo velos de novia con Lápiz (006003757)

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Categoría:  Yema del dedo velos de novia

Tejido:  Tul

Capas:  Dos capas

Forma:  Estilo clásico

Estilo del Margen:  Lápiz

Color Mostrado:  Blanco

Color Disponible:  Blanco, Marfil

Longitud Actual del Velo:  43.31 pulgada (110cm)

Más Corta Longitud de La Capa:  29.53 pulgada (75cm)

Peso Neto:  0.1 kg

Peso de Envío:  0.15 kg

Temporada:  Primavera, Verano, Otoño, Invierno

Cómo Usar:  Velo con Piene,listo para usar

Estilo del margen:  Blanco

Vestidos Emparejados:  Corte A/Princesa, Corte de baile, Corte imperial, Vestido tubo, Sirena

Consejos:  Color y estilo puede variar según el monitor


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Peso: 100g


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Dos capas Yema del dedo velos de novia con Lápiz (006003757)

Dos capas Yema del dedo velos de novia con Lápiz (006003757)

Dos capas Yema del dedo velos de novia con Lápiz (006003757)

Dos capas Yema del dedo velos de novia con Lápiz (006003757)

Comentarios de clientes

de juliedufresne24
2013-10-11 17:43:57

de Althea
2013-08-02 17:32:58
I got both my grown and veil from DressFirst. I looked absolutely beautiful on my wedding day if I don't say so myself. For the veil I'd say put it out atleast 3 weeks before wedding. When I say put it out I mean allow it to fall out, do not keep it in the bag. If you have a lamp shade that you are not using then hang it on there so that it can fall out and take shape. I was very satisfied with my gown and veil and got so many complements. I will shop here again for my next special event.

de Barbara
2013-07-28 00:13:48
Hi,guys.I have to say that i love this veil.It is what i wanted from the beginning and i feel lucky that i found it from your site.It matches my wedding gown perfectly and i look adorable in this dresses and veil.I am so happy.Thanks a lot for this amazing veil.

de Stella
2013-07-26 01:10:41
I received the veil ordered here yesterday, This veil is a little simple, but it is still classy and beautiful with two layers and I love it very much, I have to mention that the seller is very careful both in the package and service.

de Penny
2013-07-16 01:27:29
I received my wedding veil. It is beautiful and the quality is perfect. It comes with comb so it is very convenient to wear. I'm totally satisfied with the product and service of your website!

de Idalina
2012-12-21 23:13:14
Gute Qualität mit sorgfältiger Verarbeitung. Passt gut zu dem Brautkleid und der Preis ist sehr günstig. Gern wieder :)
Respuesta de 2012-12-21 23:13:14

Ihre Komplimente machen uns super glücklich.

Genau so muss es sein, dass unser Artikel die Kunden zufrieden macht.

Wir werden uns jeden Tag weiter darum bemühen und wünschen Ihnen ein schönes Wochenende :)

de patience
2012-10-25 01:33:53
Sorry is not a review, pls can I get more picture of the veil so I can 've a closer look. Thanks.

de Cristina
2012-10-16 14:47:07
Can i have some pictures, i would like to see the details

Thank you

de test-0921-right
2012-09-28 23:53:48
very good

de michelle
2012-08-11 11:19:29
could you please send me some close up pics of this veil thank you :)
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