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Product - C

Chiffon Special Occasion Cocktail Wrap (013118080) Chiffon Special Occasion Cocktail Wrap (013143156)
Chiffon Special Occasion Cocktail Wrap (013206120) Chiffon Special Occasion Shawl Cape (013217444)
Chiffon Beading Special Occasion Evening Wrap (013278986) Chiffon Special Occasion Cocktail Shawl (013294531)
Classic/Stacking Layered Anklets (011293296) Classic Round Rhinestone Anklet (011293913)
Classic Heart Rhinestone Tennis Anklets (011293919) Classic Oval Cubic Zirconia Tennis Bracelet (011294939)
Classic S925 Sliver Round Opal Stud Earrings (011296725) Classic S925 Sliver Square Morganite Hoop Earrings (011296729)
Classic S925 Sliver Rhinestone Stud Earrings (011296732) Classic Layer Necklace (011067123)
Classic Cubic Zirconia Pearl Necklace/Dangle Earrings Jewelry Sets (011253765) Classic Rhinestone Cuff Bracelets (011285526)
Charming Rhinestone Drop Earrings (011285527) Classic Rhinestone Pins and Brooches (011286784)
Classic Oval Rhinestone Dangle Earrings (011287053) Classic Rhinestone Lariat Necklace (011287057)
Charming Rhinestone Lariat Necklace (011289854) Classic/Elegant Rhinestone/Tassels Drop Earrings (011291656)
Crystal/ Rhinestone Shining Clutch Bags (012103352) Crystal/ Rhinestone Hinge Clutch Bags (012228629)
Chain Foldover/Metallic Clutch Bags (012250935) Classical/Delicate/Gorgeous/Shining Clutches & Evening Bags (012293752)
Charming/Refined Clutch Bags (012298205) Classic/Bridal Imitation Pearls Satin Sash (015285765)
Classic/Bridal Metal Chain Belt (015289965) Chiffon Special Occasion Evening Shawl (013143149)
Classic Rhinestone Drop Earrings/Tennis Necklace Jewelry Sets (011275651) Classic Rhinestone Dangle Earrings/Tennis Necklace Jewelry Sets (011284715)
Classic Heart Rhinestone Anklet (011288871) Classic Rhinestone Drop Earrings/Lariat Necklace Jewelry Sets (011291659)
Colourful Crystal Pendant Necklaces/Earrings Jewelry Sets (011291664) Charming Rhinestone/Tassels Drop Earrings (011293058)
Classic Rhinestone Collar Necklace/Earrings Jewelry Sets (011293298) Classic Rhinestone Drop Earrings/Bracelet/Lariat Necklace Jewelry Sets (011293301)
Chic Round Rhinestone Collar Necklace (011294581) Charming/Delicate Fashion Bags (012295601)
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